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Meet Clyde…

I don’t know what I was expecting

i expected cute noises

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like, if you’re attracted to cis women but not attracted to trans women, i definitely urge you to ask yourself why

trans women are a really really broad class and i can’t see any meaningful way that someone being part of that class necessarily tells you much about our bodies. is the difference something which is actually there (and there is not much there) or something which patriarchy has constructed?

because i think it’s an awfully huge coincidence if the entire class of people who you just happen to categorically not be attracted to are also an entire class of people who patriarchy just happens to take every opportunity to construct as disgusting and unfuckable

like that oppressive socialisation probably has something to do with that preference, and if you interrogate it you might find that the only reason you weren’t open to intimacy w trans women was because of it

if you do so then congratulations, you’ve successfully beaten up the little patriarchal cop in your head!

Hello dear friends! Would you mind circulating this post again? Literally only transmisogynists are doing that now, passing it around with godawful commentary on it and smugly tagging it #rape culture and if i get called a rapist one more time by a smug BDSM blogger i’m going to flip my shit, thank u all <3


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the-1st-amendment-is-my-safeword asked: The dating isn't an issue, I don't assume any commitment in it. To me dating is the length of time people give to decide if they want to establish a relationship. My bottle neck is in finding women of faith that are willing to give up their cultural Christianity and become a second wife. You and I probably have differing views on what poly is. Which we may never agree. But, I will fight for your freedom to do as you choose and I hope that you'd do the same for me. Unity in and for freedom. :)

Our dialogue wasn’t really about whether or not we have the same definition of polyamory.

You replied to a thread about whether you’d date a poly person with a question about whether they’d date a married man, and I feel you’d be hard-pressed to argue that you’re not burying the lede by putting it that way.

Every form of polyamory is different, and you happen to practice an extremely specialized version. This is gonna narrow your potential pool of interested parties. That’s all I was saying.

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Reblog this if you would date someone polyamorous.

I am doing so!

Would someone date me when I’m already married? 

Being married is not a problem! Lots of poly people date married folk!

I see from your profile, however, that you’re into polygyny specifically, and that one’s a lot less popular with pretty much any of the poly women I know. I think that’s gonna be your bottleneck — people would be happy to date you, but they’ll expect to be able to date others too.

Good luck!

(also, yes, I date poly people only)

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