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Screaming down the stairs

I’ve had a few people tell me that they find it inspirational and helpful that I’ve been so big and loud about coming out as trans.

Part of me is super super glad and is really encouraged that my personal journey could be useful to anyone else.

But a part of me just wants to grab their shoulders and stare at them and go

"What you are seeing is just a frightened child yelling at the top of their lungs as they descend into a dark basement.

They know in their heart of hearts that there are scary monsters down there

but maybe if they yell loud enough

they can maintain an illusion of safety.”

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My Gender Transition Lessons, early partial list

  • When you present as female, strangers will feel obligated to ‘help’ you with your appearance
  • This help will be in the form of insulting criticism
  • There is literally nothing you can do to be good enough for these people
  • These people are weirdly persistent and inordinately invested in the appearance of a stranger
  • There are also supportive, kind people who want to prop you up and make you feel good about yourself
  • For the negative attention you draw by being noisy and obnoxious about transition, there will also be a greater reach for you to inspire others and be supported by people who care
  • Evidently you really will inspire people just by talking about your stuff (???)
  • So basically being open and out about transition means you will attract the attention of two types of people
  • One type of person matters and is pretty much great and deserving of your friendship
  • The other type is deserving of no focus beyond your pity, because they must be extremely twisted up inside to be acting that way

(note: this experience not necessarily representative of all people undergoing transition. This is a personal narrative only, and I think a lot of the positive parts of this are aided by racial and regional privilege.)

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